Billy Dorsey - Your Word

“Your Word” Informational Video

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From United Bible Societies on YouTube:

Gospel artists support Bible translation with new singles

Singer, songwriter and producer Billy Dorsey uses music to put people in a place of worship. But on November 20, Dorsey released a single with a second mission: to support translation of the Bible into more than 1,800 languages without access to Scripture.

Proceeds from Dorsey’s single, “Your Word”—a duet with singer-songwriter Cindy Cruse Ratcliff—will fund United Bible Societies’ Bible translation projects, which equip people in unreached communities to encounter the Good News of Jesus Christ. Dorsey produced the song in partnership with United Bible Societies, a global network of Bible Societies working in more than 200 countries and territories.

Dorsey also worked with Latin Grammy award-winning artist Marcos Witt to produce a Spanish recording of the song, Sefora Nelson, four-time German Billboard #1 album charting (German), André Valadão 15 million album selling member of Diante do Trono for Brazil, Thierry Ostrini (France), Lidia Genta (Italy), Darina Kochanzhi (Ukraine), Israel Roytman (Israel), and Stream of Praise (China), along with other musicians.

The single will be available on iTunes, Amazon Prime Music and Google Play.

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